National Cyber Security Awareness Month

Did you know October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month?

Stop. Think. Connect. #CyberAware

cyber security. Stop. Think. Connect. #CyberAware #ncsam


You may think your business is too small to worry about being attacked by cyber criminals. The reality is cyber criminals are indiscriminate. They attack whoever is vulnerable. It just so happens that many SMBs don’t take the precautions needed to defend themselves so they can be easy targets. Some SMBs think that they are too small or their information isn’t important enough.

You need to protect your employees and your customers information.

Here are some quick tips for small and medium-sized business (SMB):

  • Make sure all of your organization’s computers are equipped with antivirus software and antispyware. This software should be updated regularly.
  • Keep your operating systems and software updated.
  • Secure your Internet connection by using a firewall and encrypt information.
  • Establish security practices and policies to protect sensitive information.
  • Educate employees about cyber threats and how to protect your organization’s data. Hold employees accountable to the Internet security policies and procedures.
  • Require employees to use strong passwords and to change them often.
  • Invest in data loss protection software, use encryption technologies to protect data in transit, and use two-factor authentication where possible.
  • Protect all pages on your public-facing websites, not just the checkout and sign-up pages.

The importance of cyber security is only growing. Even here in NEPA, more and more businesses rely on the internet to do daily tasks. More devices accesses the internet and more places offer internet to thier employees and customers. Are you monitoring these connections? Are you protecting your businesses information?

If you are looking for more information and resources, three good spots are the homeland security, online guard  and stay safe online. Also, check out our network security, network review, and password security pages.

If you need help implementing or evaluating your cyber security, please contact us! We can help.