Is it a time for a new PC?

How old is your PC? Is it time to upgrade? Microsoft, Intel, Dell, Lenovo and HP think so. They will be releasing a joint ad campaign October 19th to try and convince you it is time to upgrade if your PC is older than four years.

I think they are right. People seem to think that their phones and tablets are somehow faster than their desktop or laptop PC. This simply is not true. Even the new iPad Pro doesn’t match up to a mobile core laptop PC let alone a full-fledged desktop PC. Part of the problem is people are comparing their ancient PC to the phone they just purchased yesterday.

Do you need a new PC?Obviously some people do not need a PC. They are also hard to carry around in your pocket. However, if you use your PC for business or play and it is older than four years, you are missing out. A new Intel 6th generation chip, an SSD, a modern graphics card, and good monitor will blow your socks off. You will wonder why you held on to that old PC for so long.

And this doesn’t come up in the articles that I read but doesn’t anyone care about typing? I mean I can hit 50 words a minute without even trying. Sure you can get a Bluetooth keyboard for your tablet or phone but it just isn’t the same, and then you have a less portable slow device.

But do you need to upgrade? Yes! Well, maybe “need” is stretching it. After all, your computer still works. It could work better, though. Better than your phone or your tablet.

The question is, will the advertising push work? Obviously I am a little biased. Do people really need a computer on their desk? What do you think?