Enterprise Quality Wireless at Small Business Prices

Does your small business need enterprise quality wireless at an affordable price? Why would you even want enterprise quality wireless? WLAN or wireless local area network is becoming more and more important to all businesses with the increased use of tablets, phones, and other network-enabled devices. You need to provide secure internet access for your employees and your customers and you need to keep that internet access separate from your business network. We offer some specialized configurations that can restrict usage level and website access as well.

Some of the features that may convince you to switch from that department store router:

  • Better Coverage — easy to add access points, band steering, airtime fairness
  • Higher Speed — Up to 1300 Mbps with AC pro access points
  • Increased Security — guest network, download speed control, multiple SSIDs, VLAN support
  • Reduced Interference — embedded technology rejects interference using specialized circuitry
  • Reporting and Monitoring — analyzing trouble devices, usage and coverage problems

Contact us and we will analyze your current wireless setup and recommend a solution.

enterprise quality wireless
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